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Supply Chain Solutions

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From components to fully finished product, we source equipment to both standard or bespoke specification. Our experience allows clients to rapidly source cost effective products on a global basis with confidence.

We are seeing an increasing number of UK based clients who wish to explore the potential benefits of sourcing from low cost manufacturing areas. However many companies have neither the experience or resource to successfully exploit the opportunities that are available.

The DSDI team, with its comprehensive experience in international sourcing, production and supply chain management, offers solutions to clients wanting to expand their international supply chain.

Our services include:

- Identifying suitable overseas manufacturers and establishing the supply chain

- Implementation of confidentiality and manufacturing under licence agreements

- Development of prototyping, the supply of sample equipment and quality control checking at point of manufacture

- Import support - DSDI and its partners can advise on all areas, ranging from currency hedging to customs clearance

In addition, many UK products require specific components only available in the local market. We support overseas manufacturers by sourcing these items in the UK, at OEM rates and exporting to the country of manufacture.  

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